Creative Strategy

How I got 1 million views on a $200 budget.


Charged with creating a viral video to sell our new home snack box, I wrote a series of parody music video scripts based on popular trends and buzzwords in the health food industry.

I identified gluten-free diets as a highly relevant subject with an engaged audience. We filmed a test with a shoe string budget, set to Tom Petty’s “Free-Fallin.” I recorded the music track and shot the video with a couple of co-workers, trying to match the framing and setting to the original video.

Using Facebook targeting and share messaging like “Tag a friend who is gluten-free,” the video went viral, collecting over 1 million views and driving down our advertising cost per click. I’m most proud of the countless comments we got from gluten sensitive people that got a laugh and said they were uplifted by the message. 


Gluten Free Fallin’ was one of our most successful marketing videos to date.

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